photo: Cévennes National Park, south of France (France's only inhabited national park)

Tour Leading / Tour Manager

Would you like to visit France effortlessly? 

One of your groups is coming to France and you would like them to be in good hands?

Let us be your Tour Manager, and if you need, we can assist you with making reservations.

Private transportation

While you go on a walk, on a bike tour or maybe on a canoe ride down the Vezere river in Dordogne, we'll pick you up in comfort, will have plenty of water and snacks ready for you, and we'll be on our way to the next big thing on your itinerary.

note 1: we are licensed for up to 8 passengers, but we only take 6 passengers maximum, as a matter of comfort and space. 

note 2: we can carry a bike rack for up to 4 bikes.

note 3: we are perfectly happy that you travel with your 4-legged companion.