Terms and Conditions

1. INTRODUCTIONYour payment to FRENCH INCOMING means that you have received, read and accepted the terms and conditions of the voyage that you have registered for.
2. OUR RESPONSABILITIESa) WHo We Are. The company organizing the voyage is FRENCH INCOMING, headquarted at 26 Route de Rieucros, 48000 Mende, France (téléphone: 00 33 6 86 56 62 97, Email: info@french-incoming.com)Member of the NTA (National Tour Association, www.ntaonline.com)Insured by HISCOX - GRAS SAVOYE, World Wide Coverage under policy # RCAPST/176409Member of APST, providing a Customer Protection Fund of 200 000 EUR. Should FRENCH INCOMING become enable to provide the services that our customers have purchased, the APST will either organize the voyage on our behalf or reimburse our customers. Please see apst.travel for more information. b) How we do what we do. FRENCH INCOMING provides services bought through third parties such as hotels, restaurants, transportation company and other suppliers identified on your travel document.c) FRENCH INCOMING's staff and Representatives. When one of FRENCH INCOMING's staff or representatives leads a voyage, his or her responsibilities is to ensure the safety of the passengers and the delivery of the services as booked and paid for by FRENCH INCOMING.
3. PARTICIPANTS' RESPONSIBILITIESa) Agreement. FRENCH INCOMING can only organize a voyage for the passengers that have agreed to its terms and conditions. Paying a deposit or the total amount due, as well as registering, mean that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.b ) Participating in the activities is at your own risk and based on a self-evaluation of your physical and mental capacities, of the terrain, of the weather conditions and of the activity itself.c) People travelling with you. When you register on behalf of other passengers, you recognize that the terms and conditions have been communicated to them and that they have been accepted by every other participant, and that you are authorized to sign the voyage agreement on their behalf. d) ID and medical information. Participants are entirely responsible for having a valid passport and for the cost of fabrication of any travel-related official documents such as passport, visa. Children that are 18 years old or younger may have to have their own passports. Parents and tutors are responsible for the validity of official documents required for the children under their care. Participants are responsible for the validity, veracity and accuracy of their travel documents and for any medical requirements in the visited country/countries. Please verify with the State Department of your country of citizenship for any requirements before starting your travelling journey. FRENCH INCOMING will not be responsible should you not be able to take part in our voyage and you will not be entitled to a refund for lack of proper documentation.
4. CONFIRMATION OF RESERVATIONA participant is registered on any given voyage after having paid the trip in full. Should the number of passengers not reach the required threshold of a minimum of 2 passengers on a guided tour, registered participants will be entitled to a full refund. Vouchers and other travel documents will be delivered to you electronically (by email) approximately 5 days prior to your departure date. Please make sure you provide FRENCH INCOMING with a verified email that you check regularly.
5. RESERVATIONa) Registration. Your registration will be valid once FRENCH INCOMING has received your registration form, your agreement to the terms and conditions and the full payment of your voyage. FRENCH INCOMING accepts booking by email or over the phone. Each booking should include the following information: Names of passengers, number of persons, Tour name, Travel dates, category of accommodation when possible. A registration will always be reconfirmed in writing by FRENCH INCOMING by email.b) Special Request. Any request of a particular condition, circumstance or restriction that will require our immediate attention shall be communicated to FRENCH INCOMING at the time of reservation so that FRENCH INCOMING may respond favorably, according to our possibilities or the possibilities of our suppliers. FRENCH INCOMING reserves the right to deny service to a participant before and during a voyage.
6. THE VOYAGEa) What is included in a Small Group Guided Tour. Small Group Guided Tours by FRENCH INCOMING include, but are not limited to: transportation in a mini-van or a mini-coach, accommodation in standard hotels or superior hotels in double or twin rooms, full board from the diner on the day or arrival to the breakfast on the day of departure, admissions mentioned in the program, taxes, and services of a guide and a driver or of a driver-guide. Participants are asked to always refer to the terms and conditions of the voyage they have registered for, for any specific and/or temporary changes.b) What is included in a Self-Drive Auto Tour. Self-Drive Auto Tour by FRENCH INCOMING include, but are not limited to: a road-book for each full-day excursion that could be undertaken in the visited region, accommodation in standard hotels or superior hotels in double or twin rooms, half-board (dinner and breakfast) from the diner on the day of arrival and the breakfast on the day of departure, taxes. Participants are asked to always refer to the terms and conditions of the voyage they have registered for, for any specific and/or temporary changes.c) Flights. FRENCH INCOMING does not provide flight bookings. Before booking flights, participants are advised to check with FRENCH INCOMING for possible changes on the ground.d) What is not included in any of our tours. Tips to your driver, your guide or your driver-guide, luggage handling at hotels, airports or train stations, personal expenses, travel insurance, drinks other than what is mentioned in a specific tour, supplement for a stay in a single room (one person per room), cost for your official travel documents are not included. e) Modification of the itinerary by FRENCH INCOMING. The itinerary is subject to the conditions on the ground and may be altered by FRENCH INCOMING. Furthermore, the itinerary is subject to the availability of our suppliers. FRENCH INCOMING will always provide the voyage as per the pre-arranged program but, should the situation arises, FRENCH INCOMING may substitute one service by another of the same value or of a higher value. In case FRENCH INCOMING cannot provide a voyage acceptable to the passengers, participants may elect to cancel their reservation and to request a full refund. FRENCH INCOMING is never responsible for expenses incurred by the passengers for a voyage that has later been cancelled. If participants decide to go on with the modified itinerary, they therefore waive their right to any reclamation or compensation about the modified services.Participants cannot claim any compensation or indemnity if the voyage is cancelled because of:- Exceptional circumstances that may threaten our passengers' safety- A number of registered participants that does not meet the required thresholde) Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance are never included in our prices. FRENCH INCOMING encourages anyone to purchase a travel insurance in conjunction with any trips.f) Accuracy of the information. We have tried to provide full and accurate information in our documents. We do not accept liability for information that could in any form be incorrect or incomplete. This refers, among other things, to specified admission prices, opening hours and days, and other information, that could change in the short or long term, or have already changed.g) Reproduction, of the information on our travel documents, from our website and other documents even partially, is only allowed with permission from FRENCH INCOMING. 7. PAYMENTa) Full payment at reservation. A full payment is always required and requested at the time of reservation.b) Ways to pay. FRENCH INCOMING accepts checks in EUROS and payment by Credit Cards by PAYPAL.c) Lack of payment. In case your payment is not received, FRENCH INCOMING will not accept your reservation.
8. CANCELLATION and REFUNDa) Procedure. Any cancellation must be sent in writing to FRENCH INCOMING. FRENCH INCOMING will always reconfirm that your cancellation has been received and will inform you of any cancellation fees or refunds or credit for a futur voyage.b) Penalty. Any tours by FRENCH INCOMING may be cancelled without any cost up to 32 days prior to the start of your travel date.c) Cancellation by participants. A cancellation must be received during office hours, from Monday to Friday, on the cutoff day of the cancellation period at the latest. In case of cancellation, FRENCH INCOMING will refund the amount of the voyage less penalty fess such as:For a cancellation before 32 days prior to arrival: full refundFor a cancellation between 31 days 3 days prior to arrival: full refund minus an administrative fee of 200 EURFor a cancellation within 2 days of arrival or in case of no-show: no refund (100% cancellation fee). Within this period, a flight delay or cancellation, a train delay or cancellation, a lack of proper travel & legal documents, a force majeur, a sickness or any other reasons do not entitle participants to a refund, which is why FRENCH INCOMING highly recommend participants to purchase a travel insurance.d) Interruption of voyage. Participants interrupting their voyage on their own accord do not entitle them to any refund. In case participants elect to not take part in one or more activities, excursions, visits, meals or more, the participants will not be entitled to a refund. e) Modifications by participants. Any request for a modification, such as a change of dates, must be sent in writing to FRENCH INCOMING. FRENCH INCOMING will always reconfirm that your request has been received and will inform you of whether FRENCH INCOMING is agreeable to your request. However, if your request represent a major change or a change that could possibly alter our programming, FRENCH INCOMING reserves the right to deem your request unacceptable and to cancel your reservation altogether. In such case, our cancellation terms will apply, as per 8.c.
9. PRICE – GENERAL INFORMATION. FRENCH INCOMING's prices include VAT. VAT cannot be separated from the total price of a packaged tour, as per French tourism and fiscal law. Prices include cost of preparing, marketing, communicating and operating the tours. Prices are inclusive of VAT at the time of reservation to the best of FRENCH INCOMING's knowledge. However, VAT rate may change at the discretion of French authorities. In such case, FRENCH INCOMING will automatically reflect the change of rate to the total price. Participants will be required to pay the difference if the change of rate means an increase of the total price. A change of price may happen all the way to 1 week prior to arrival. All prices are net, to which a travel agent or a tour operator may add a commission or a mark up. All published rates are quoted net in EUROS and are based on current tariffs, rates and taxes and are subject to availability.
10. RISKS. Any voyage includes risks. Participants accept these risks fully, voluntarily and personally. Furthermore, participants accept to release FRENCH INCOMING of any legal responsibilities in case of any incidents happening during a voyage that is linked to the participants' own doing.
11. RESOLUTION OF DISAGREEMENT. FRENCH INCOMING promised to deal with any disagreement brought forth by its passengers within 30 days after being informed of any potential issue in writing. Participants understand and agree that FRENCH INCOMING terms and conditions are governed by French law. Any legal dispute may be brought to the local jurisdiction where FRENCH INCOMING is based if the issue has not already been solved amicably.
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