Highly Curated Tours in FRANCE

A few exemples of the tours we have provided

Most of our customers come to us with a pretty good idea of what their journey in France should look like. We make it happen, we save you time & efforts, we make it seamless.

Historical tour in France

Every year, Far Horizons comes with a group led by Dr. William COOK.

Some of the requirements: 4* hotels, 2 seats per person in the coach, and water at disposal throughout the tour in the coach.

Cycling group in Provence

A Tony Rominger Classic - June 2024 - a group of 42 cyclists enthusiasts - French Incoming provided hotel reservations, a few meals, assistance & logisitics

Ski trip in Austria

A pre-stay in Munich before a week at the hotel Antonerhof 5* in Sankt Anton Am. Aalberg.  Requirements: accommodation as close to the runs as possible, with half-board.

World Rose Convention

This small group from the USA came to Lyon for the 2015 World Rose Convention and did a post-tour aferwards.

Requirements: include as many private gardens as possible, as well as nurseries

Mom & Daugther

Here seen in front of the Australian War Monument in Fromelles. We travelled on the footsteps of the mom's father who fought in France during WWI.

Requirements: complete flexibility to driver wherever the dad had been, as per his war diaries.

Four siblings

A family of 4 siblings on an heritage trip to northern France to find out more about their family tree. Requirements: we need help to translate our questions to locals!


We can help, like we did for the Ferstlers. We even made it in the local newspaper :-)

It's me, PY, all the way to the right.


We have done so much more over the years, from foresty tours, to following the Tour de France, to food and wine tours, to ski groups, to classic Paris, Normandy and Loire Valley tours, to Provence and French Riviera, ...

It's about what you want

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People call me PY (P-why)

My Expertise is all about 

Inbound Tours in France

Consider me as your personal assistant. I am your concierge before, during and after your visit in France, whether you are part of a group or you are travelling with your better-half, your friends, your family. I am here for you!

In my life, my wife and 2 kids are most precious to me. I always take care of them first. I want to provide a safe, loving and learing environnement for them, which is why I maintain a small garden, I raise 2 brittany spaniels, 3 sheeps (my landmowers) and chickens in a 1,2-acre property in the south of France.

I am passionnate about being of service to others. I always want to provide informations, commentaries, tips, news. I once heard a Navajo guide in Mesa Verde National Park telling how our ancestors could only survive through sharing knowledge and tools. It's became my way to look at the world around me, sharing defines my guiding.

I am also passionnate about sports, especially soccer, which I think is the most fantastic team sport. There is so much to soccer (football in France), I can't begin to explain it in this text. Back when I was young, I love sports so much that I majored in PE teaching. Now, I volunteer as a coach for a young girls soccer team in a very rural area where there is much to be doing about giving girls the same opportunities that boys get.

Besides France, my family and I lived in Denmark for 4 years, in California for 11 years and in British Columbia for a year. I've also travelled in most other european countries, a little in Asia and some in South America. Travelling, learning new cultures and enjoying our best life are part of how we live. 

I've been on the road for the last 30 years or so. My experience includes mountain guiding, coaching, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) level 1 (and soon level 2), expertise in rural development, tour guiding and tour driving (licensed in France to drive an 9-seater van).

Visiting France is on anyone's bucket list. Write to my personal email with what you have in mind, I'll save you loads of time, you won't have to worry about a thing.

Much obliged for your consideration,